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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is quickly grabbing the attention of industry players, and is being seen as a major disruption to global industry and the world economy. The question however is, are companies prepared to take full advantage of this huge opportunity that lies ahead? With the increase in auto recalls, automobile manufacturers are faced with challenges of high cost, apart from rolling back the manufacturing process to square one.

Is it possible to find such an automotive industry worker who can truly identify the dark areas in manual predictive maintenance and ensure that recalls are a thing of the past?

Download the infographic to learn how our #PdMSuperHero - Auto Recall Acer has the much- needed prowess to predict and prevent failures well in advance to comfortably break through complex data readings and analyze the root cause of an issue, even before it makes an entrance to the general public.

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Auto Recall Acer :

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